Did I Really Just Wish For Rain in Paris?

We are on day 44 of our Great Fall Europe Adventure and incredibly, we have only had 2 days of rain!  Can you believe that?  We have had a few night showers and a few passing sprinkles that hardly count as rain, but in 3 weeks in Spain and 3 weeks in Paris, only two days can be counted as proper “rainy days”.


Now normally I would be praising these wonderfully dry and sunny days as grand opportunities to explore a new site or relax under the trees in a beautiful French garden, but after 44 continuous days of sightseeing and exploring, I am EXHAUSTED and am yearning for a rainy day to relieve me from the stress of “Oh!  It’s a gorgeous day in Paris!  How could we possibly stay indoors on a day like this!  After all, this weather won’t last long and we will wish we had enjoyed the sun when we had the chance!” But day after day, even when the weather forecast says “rain”, I wake up to yet another blue sky and another precious sunny day to enjoy Paris’ lovely gardens, Seine walks, outdoor cafes, people-watching, and playgrounds.

I am longing for a cold, rainy day where I can just stay in my pajamas, no make-up, hair in a pony tail, and drink way too many coffees while my kids do their homework or play and I don’t have to think in another language, wonder what cool site we are missing around the next bend, negotiate what we will do next or where we will eat lunch, or have to say “no” twenty times to a myriad of requests for crepes, toys, trinkets, or money to give to the local street performer.  I want a day where I can just be “me”, even if it’s only for an hour or two.

My kids too are exhausted from all the ongoing activity and have actually begged, “Please can we stay home all day today and do homework?”  Now that is something no mom expects…especially from my 5-year old son…”You’d rather stay home and do your reading workbooks rather than go play at the playground? Really???”

Well, I guess we all need a cozy-stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day day once in awhile to just chill out and be and do whatever we want to…without worrying about missing something special going on outside.  It’s so nice to know that special moments are also experienced in the quiet, cozy days at home just being together as a family.

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