The Best Creperie in Paris

So, since we will be leaving Paris tomorrow, we have made our choice for JUST GO EXPLORE’S award for THE BEST CREPERIE IN PARIS.  And the winner is….CHEZ SUZETTE in the Latin Quarter!

Chez Suzette serves a huge variety of sweet and savory crepes and has an adorable indoor restaurant or you can order your crepe to go.  I love the good old fashioned sugar crepe or the sugar and cinnamon one.  My kids prefer nutella crepes, but to me, the nutella covers up Chez Suzette’s secret ingredient…(read on to find out what it is!).  They also create the most interesting savory crepes (called galettes) made with a fried egg, ham, shredded cheese, and then topped with lettuce and a creamy dressing.  I will need to try that the next time I’m in Paris! Yum!

We loved watching the Crepe Chef create his sweet and savory masterpieces and that is where we discovered Chez Suzette’s secret ingredient that sets it apart from the rest…LOADS of melted butter – but not just any butter – sweet and slightly salted creamy French butter…the best there is and oh so good!  So, dieters, you’ve been warned… But who can worry about their weight in Paris? Right?!  It’s France after all… Go ahead and indulge!  You can thank me later!

Here is a trip advisor review:

Chez Suzette

12 rue de la Harpe
75005 Paris
Neighborhoods: Saint-Michel/Odéon, 5ème

Tell us about your favorite dessert in Paris or anywhere!

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