The Circus is Coming to Brussels

Tonight is our last night in Paris after an incredible 30-night stay in the City of Lights.  Although I am sad to leave, I will not miss having to constantly nag the kids to be quiet.  You see, Kaitlin, Cassidy, and Trevor have grown up in Italy and Italians have been known on occasion to be a bit loud (sarcasm intended!) and stay up late (even the kids on a school night). And since my kids aren’t going to a real school and have an open schedule, they stay up late every night and with so much energy the people in our building must think the circus has come to town!

Those who know Italians know that we live with passion and often show that passion through dramatic speech – which is fine when everyone else around you is Italian too, but here in Paris, we tend to stand out!  I love our Italian ways – conversations are often loud and animated with enthusiastic hand gestures and excited interruptions to make a point or agree with more than a quiet nod. So, that being said, we are not a calm and quiet family – we are a family that likes to laugh loud, sing with microphones, dance with disco lights, and throw large parties (as our Venetian friends know very well!).  After living in a home where we could be as loud as we wanted until at least midnight, the kids are having a hard time adjusting to the quiet and peaceful apartment courtyard outside that seems to echo throughout the building with even the quietest whisper.  The French kids are definitely brought up to be quieter and more tranquil because I haven’t heard one sound from any of them in the building – how is that so?  Where do they go?  How are they so quiet? I am perplexed… (If anyone has an answer to my questions or other insight, please make a comment below!)

So, I guess it is time to say goodbye Paris…and hello Brussels!  Our traveling circus will be arriving soon, so hold on tight because sometimes my crew gets a little out of hand!


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