Brussels Snapshots – October 2013

We absolutely loved Brussels and to be honest, I am quite surprised! When we lived in Amsterdam 15 years ago, we would often go to Brussels to visit some friends living there.  Although I found the city nice, I did not fall in love with it until this trip.  Maybe it was because when we would visit before we did not see it through explorer’s eyes and would spend most of our time hanging out with our friends.  But this time, since we made a special stop between Paris and Amsterdam to see the city, I sought to explore as much as I could in the limited time we were there.  In hindsight, I wish I had booked us at least 5 days in Brussels to explore even more of the city and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our 3 days in Brussels…as you will see, sweet indulgences were a highlight of our visit!!! The Grand Place is magnificent!  One of the most beautiful town squares I have ever seen.  We also had a great day at the Atomium and Mini Europe – a paradise for kids offering a mix of science, architecture, history, playgrounds, shopping, and sweets!  I hope you enjoy the photos!  Please share any of your Brussels photos or stories with us!

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