From Shorts to Down Jackets…Where Did Fall Go?

We are now on day 63 of our European trip and after 57 days with hardly any rain and mild to warm weather, the cold and rain have finally hit us here in Amsterdam – I knew the dry weather couldn’t last forever!  The funny thing is that just like every year in Venice, the weather seemed to jump from summer to winter with only a few days of Fall in between. Fall is my favorite season – I love being able to wear jeans and a light sweater – no sweating in the hot sun and no heavy jackets, just clear crisp days with the orange and brown leaves blowing in the gentle breeze and sipping on a warm drink at an outdoor cafe while watching the action on bustling streets or canals.

This year the summer seemed to last through October – with Trevor wearing shorts until late in the month in Paris – which is a shock!  I remember when we lived in Paris in 2006, October was freezing and very wet and we were in “weather shock” after 4 years of warm, dry weather in Rome.  So that was the weather I was expecting during our month in Paris.  Needless to say, we were more than delighted with our month of gorgeous weather!

But now here we are in Amsterdam, a mere 3 weeks after those warm Paris days, and it has hailed heavily for 2 days now and rained or drizzled most days – with winter coats and hats a must. This weather is very common for this time of year in Northern Europe and knew it was coming, but I am still longing for my perfect Fall weather – hmmm…maybe next year…  Do you have a favorite city that has that perfect Fall weather – crisp and clear?  Please let me know!  I am always up for travel to capture the magic of the seasons!

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