Our 2-Month “Nomad” Anniversary & Missing Friends

Today marks our 2-month anniversary of living the nomadic life.  On September 3rd we waved goodbye to our life in Venice and embarked on our open-ended journey around the world.  We are now in our 6th city and are loving this very free and simple lifestyle!  It is amazing how light and free I feel without all the “stuff” of life.  Just living on the things we really “need” instead of all the “wants” makes us appreciate the little things – time together, a good book, the peace found without the noise of the TV or video games,  a small new toy or trinket every week or so, that comfortable pair of black pants that goes with everything, clean clothes, fluffy towels, a warm shower, and so on…

Although we are loving this lifestyle, there are many things we are truly missing from our old lives in Venice.  The biggest ones are peace, space, and friends.  When we had our large home in Venice, there was always a place to go to be alone and have time to think without distractions.  I had our gorgeous study where Todd and I had our computers and was a place of tranquility.  Those days are LONG gone.  I am NEVER alone and neither are the kids.  The kids used to love their private time to just chill in their rooms or relax alone on the couch.  Now they all share one room and one couch (if we are in an apartment, otherwise, no couch).  This lack of peace and space takes a long time to get used to, if ever.

As for friends, we are all missing our friends desperately!  Although we all get along extremely well considering the ages of the kids, we all miss that special time with our friends to just chat, play, chill, and laugh.  Trevor asks for his friends almost everyday and the girls are able to connect through skype and texting, but it still is not the same as being together.  I am longing for my relaxed and lingering coffees and chats with my awesome friends in Venice (you know who you are) and seeing friends wherever I would go in our quaint and intimate village life in Venice.  It is difficult yet exciting to be anonymous again in a new city…happy and sad at the same time.

Here are a few photos of special times with our friends in Venice:

As I add new posts, I will include lessons I have learned on what to do and pack for the nomadic life and what NOT to do and pack and many other lessons I have learned the hard way.

So I bid you farewell for now and send hugs and kisses to all of our friends in Venice.  We miss you!!!

If anyone has any stories about travel and living like a nomad, please share with us!

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