When in Amsterdam, Don’t Forget to Gogh!

Oh!  I just loved the Van Gogh Museum!  I had visited it when we lived in Amsterdam in 1997, but I did not appreciate the paintings as much as I did today. Perhaps I was too worried about the party I was going to that night or some other distraction one has when living in Amsterdam in their 20’s, but now I notice that I see everything through different eyes and the city has come alive in so many ways – the Van Gogh Museum being a highlight of this cultural awakening.

Kaitlin, Cassidy, and Trevor loved following along with the headsets, treasure map, and interactive displays spread throughout the museum.  Being in the museum gave us all a warm, cozy feeling – almost as if you have entered into Van Gogh’s home itself and his paintings have come to life all around you.  I really feel like we all connected with Van Gogh and were able to appreciate how hard he struggled during his life and his courageous leap into going against the norm and trying new dramatic uses of color and texture – wildly eccentric for the time.  Sadly, Van Gogh would never know how loved his paintings are today – instead he died discouraged, poor, and alone.  But luckily for us, we have the honor of enjoying his deeply inspired and beautiful paintings that he worked so very hard to create.  Thanks Vincent!

Here are some of our favorite paintings:

To see more about the museum, go to http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl

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