Balancing Time While Traveling – A True High-Wire Act

Oh my gosh!  I just woke up early and tip-toed into the living room of our apartment in Berlin so I could have at least an hour to write in my blog, but, like always, I am now joined by my little energetic shadow who wants to talk and play before I have even taken my first sip of coffee! How does one little 5 year-old have so much energy after so little sleep?

Our days basically play out like this:  Our mornings are filled with breakfast, a bit of homework, playing, and then getting ready for our daily outing.  We will usually go exploring whichever city we are in from about 11:00 am until 7:00 pm, depending on the city.  In Amsterdam we had more downtime at home because we were there 2 weeks and the city is much smaller than Paris and Berlin. Here in Berlin, we were out all day yesterday, and barely scratched the surface on one section of the city – and we only have 5 days left! When we return “home” after walking for hours, my body is exhausted and I will usually spend some special time with the kids where I am focused only on “them” and not sightseeing, researching where to go tomorrow, writing, cooking, or cleaning.  Finding this balance of attention to each of them as well as trip planning has been difficult, to say the least!  At night, after putting Trevor to bed around 10:00 pm, I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open and have talked so much that day that my mind cannot process any more information. So sitting down to write is often an arduous task because my mind has already settled in for the night and does not want to rally for even 5 minutes to put my thoughts onto “paper”.  Kaitlin and Cassidy are usually up late doing blog posts or homework – Oh how I long for the endless energy of my youth!

On this trip, I have really learned to appreciate how precious time is and how quickly it passes. Creating time to really focus on each of the kids individually is close to impossible.  Each of them wants my attention for different things at the same time!  Luckily, Todd will be spending 2 weeks with us in Krakow and Prague.  We have been apart over 5 weeks now (the longest time apart ever) and I am really needing some Daddy help!  But, I cannot complain – without his great job in LA, this trip would not be happening – so I am trying to enjoy every moment of it knowing the sacrifice Todd is making to make it possible.

So, as I sit here writing this current post, I have been interrupted about 5 times already and with each distraction, I have to refocus on what I was writing about and try to finish the sentence I was writing.  This lack of private time and finding time to write during the day when my mind is at it’s most efficient has been the most challenging part of this trip. I have written down literally over 100 blog post topics from not only our current trip, but from years of travels, and I can barely squeak out one post per day!  Here I am in Berlin, and I have barely written anything about London, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam and with every new day of sightseeing, I have new exciting things to write about!  How will I ever catch up?!  So bear with me as I post randomly about our Europe trip as well as funny and interesting anecdotes from our travels in years past. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!

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