Bringing Our Dutch Baby Home

Kaitlin AmsterdamI couldn’t wait to get to Amsterdam so I could show Kaitlin where she was born.  I had told her so many stories about our life there, but until she saw the city for herself, she couldn’t quite grasp what it was like.  “Canals? Is it like Venice?  With bikes?  A cool, relaxed atmosphere where everyone speaks English?”  There were loads of questions and I was so thrilled to finally have her experience the Amsterdam we loved – and luckily, she loved it too!In front of our old home

It turns out Kaitlin fits in perfectly there – her relaxed, fun, and accepting style made her feel very much at home in this quaint, cozy, and vibrant town.  She loved the fashions – where anything goes and no one seems to judge – where “just be yourself” is the name of the game. She loved the food – spicy Indonesian cuisine mixed with international options everywhere she turned.  The canals reminded her fondly of Venice and the cafes and Cafe Bagel and Beansshopping were a combination of Rome and London – two other cities she loves – but without the traffic and noise – just quaint and cozy mixed with a splash of Bohemia.

Kaitlin was such a good sport while I made her pose in front of our old apartment and practically every cafe, shop, and canal we would bring her to as a baby.  She even agreed to pose for a photo like this one we had taken for her birth announcement! She made her mom very happy!

4 thoughts on “Bringing Our Dutch Baby Home

  1. OH WOW… I remember you taking this picture of Kaitlin for her birth announcement. What fun we had dressing Kaitlin up when she was only 1-2 weeks old. She was a good sport, even then. Yes, Kaitlin, you were the Princess of the town … we took you out all dressed up and everyone checked you out and commented how beautiful you were. You still are!! Glad you got to see your birthplace.


    • Doesn’t it seem like yesterday? I can’t believe over 14 years have passed since she had her first “fashion show”! We did have so much fun with her – and I had so much fun with her again – but this time she dressed herself! 🙂


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