Cracovian Salt Mines

Check out this great post from my daughter, Kaitlin. I hope you enjoy it!!

Travelin' Kait

Have you ever been so hungry you could literally eat anything, even the walls or the ground? Well, if you’re that hungry I recommend you go to the Salt Mines in the city of Wielicka near Krakow, Poland. The Salt Mine was  created in the 13th century and was in use until 2007, becoming the oldest salt mine in the world. During its use the salt was almost as valuable as gold . In total there are 9 levels  reaching a depth of 327 meters and there are 287 kilometers of walkways – in 2 hours of walking, we only covered about 2% of them!!!

At the beginning there were 381 steps to walk down to reach the first level and let me tell you this, those steps were NEVER ENDING!!! Once we got down those infinite stairs we experienced something magical, something incredible, unbelievable…more stairs!!!!!!! AHHAHAH…After going down those…

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