Getting to Know Anne Frank

Here is my daughter Cassidy’s post about Anne Frank. I hope you enjoy it!

Cassidy's Quest

The other day in Amsterdam we went to the Anne Frank house. The house isn’t really a house but was Otto Frank’ s ( Anne Frank’s dad) office that he shared with a few other people. They decided to hide in the office because it would be less obvious rather then staying in an actual house. The Franks and four other close friends stayed in a hideout on the 2 upper floors. They would get in from behind a bookshelf where there was a door. Downstairs lived the Franks and upstairs the other four people. They lived for 2 years there in silence and couldn’t say a word all day and couldn’t open their windows to see the light of the day. They had four helpers bring them food clothes and other needed supplies during the day secretly. Before they went into hiding, Anne got a diary for her 13th…

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