Our Adventure at Checkpoint Charlie

Here is a post from my daughter Kaitlin about Berlin. Enjoy!

Travelin' Kait

Checkpoint Charlie was  the name the Allies gave to the crossing point between West and East Berlin. Many important events happened in this location like the Face-Off of Western and Soviet tanks during the Berlin Crisis in 1961 and the shooting of Peter Fletcher in 1962. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 the original Checkpoint was brought to a museum – today there is an exact replica of the original in its place. It is also surrounded by museums and interactive activities which we enjoyed a lot. On the corner of Freidrichstasse and Zimmerstrasse there was a museum called the Blackbox, which talked all about the Berlin Wall, but also about conflicts today. The best part was that they had many original military objects from that time period!! 🙂

After that we went into a big, tall, and round building not knowing what it was, only that it was a…

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