A Crazy Little Thing Called Worldschooling

Here is another great post written by my daughter Kaitlin that I want to share with you. I am so proud of her! Enjoy!!

Travelin' Kait

When we think about homeschooling, we think about following the curriculum, doing math equations and taking quizzes, just like at school. WELL, yes, it can be that, but it is also something much more educational and powerful: experience and knowledge. Homeschooling or Worldschooling (the way we’re doing it) is about seeing and doing things that you’ve never done before and learning from them.

It might sound a little crazy but just wait, you’ll be agreeing with me by the time we’re done here 🙂 Schools now a days are all about good grades and your GPA…right?? I mean, at least for me, when I was going to school in Venice, it really didn’t matter what I was learning about, what mattered was how the test went so that I could show mom my grade. And after a week or so, I would forget what that test was even about……

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