7 Reasons to Take Your Next Family Vacation in Turkey

Here is my latest article for the website Dandelion Moms:

In the town of Kas on the southern coast.

If you would like to take your family somewhere far away and exotic, a place your children can experience history, wonder, and fun, and it won’t break the bank, then Turkey is the place to go! My family has visited Turkey 6 times and it just keeps getting better. Although I could list 100 reasons to take your family to Turkey, here are the top 7:

1) The Turkish are super friendly and LOVE children!

The Turkish hospitality and friendliness are truly hard to describe. There is an overwhelming feeling of warmth, kindness, and joy that surround you as you travel through Turkey. They adore kids and you will never worry about your kids being too loud or energetic while exploring or eating – the locals will be playing with them like little kids themselves!

With our friends in Bitez Beach near Bodrum

 2) The coastline is filled with hundreds of gorgeous beaches and coves.

With hundreds of miles of beaches and crystal blue water along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the opportunities for fun in the sun are endless! All-day boat trips through beautiful islands and coves are great fun and watersports are available on most beaches to satisfy active kids and parents alike.

On top of Simena Castle in the ancient town of Kekova

 3) The historical sites are educational and very fun to explore.

With even more Greek ruins than Greece, Turkey is a great place to learn about ancient history while having a fun time hiking through the picturesque and relaxed archaeological sites. Unlike many sites in Italy and Greece, archaeological sites in Turkey are left completely rustic and natural and allow visitors to explore and climb throughout the site – letting kids imagine they are ancient locals going about their day. With sites like Ephesus, Troy, Pergamum, Xanthos, Cappadocia, and dozens more, the opportunities for learning and adventure abound!

The ancient site of Priene near Kusadasi

 4) The food is delicious!

Turkish food is a delicious blend of Middle Eastern and European that will amaze your taste buds. Kebabs, Turkish pizza, casseroles cooked in amphoras, baklava, and Turkish teas, to name a few, will keep you energized for your days of adventure and sun. And if your kids want something from home, there is always pizza, pasta, hamburgers, etc. on every menu.

Some of the incredible food waiting to be enjoyed!

 5) The prices are affordable.

Although you need to take a long and sometimes pricey flight to Turkey from the US, once you arrive there, the money you save on hotels, food, and entertainment will balance out the cost of the flight and may end up costing less than places like Hawaii or the Caribbean.

Typical Turkish menu of soups, kebabs, meatballs, and Turkish pizza. Divide by 3 to get the dollar amount.

 6) It is safe.

My family has never felt anything but safe and comfortable while in Turkey. In 2014, we spent 10 weeks driving throughout the coast and Cappadocia and never experienced anything but happy and friendly locals.

The beautiful little town of Goreme in Cappadocia

 7) You will come as tourists, but leave as family.

If you come to Turkey ready to chat, laugh, and make friends with the locals, they will open up their hearts to you and your family like the long-lost relatives they’ve been searching for! You will feel surrounded by love and friendship and will not want to leave. That’s why my family visited Turkey 3 times last year alone!

With our Turkish family

So, are you ready to pack your bags, take the trip of a lifetime, and make new Turkish friends that feel like family? I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

If you want to learn more about Turkey, I recommend going to the following sites:

Travelin Kait – my daughter has written 24 articles about Turkey on her blog

Turkey.com – website with great information

Turkey.home – awesome short videos of Turkey

Have you ever visited Turkey? Please share your adventures with us!


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