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Belgian waffles are popular all over the world, but until you have tasted a real BELGIAN waffle, you have no idea how delicious they can be.  There is something special about the waffles here that sets them above the rest.  Maybe they add sugar to the waffle iron before it is filled with batter?  I am not quite sure what their magic entails, all I know is that they are perfectly sweet and crispy on the outside and moist and mouth-watering on the inside – incredibly good!  Even without any topping at all, they are sweet enough to satisfy any sweet-tooth – yet with over a dozen tasty toppings to choose from, how can anyone not try one?! From chocolate or speculoos to strawberries and cream, these waffles are sure to satify every tastebud.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but the main reason that we stopped in Brussels for 3days on our way from Paris to Amsterdam is so that the kids could taste a real Belgian waffle!  I know, I am a bit obsessed with sweets…but hey, what can I say, some things we just can’t live without.waffle with speculoos and strawberries

If you do go to Brussels, make sure to check that the waffles are made to order.  We noticed that some waffle shops had a stack of pre-made waffles and they would reheat them as needed. These are not as fresh and don’t have the same crispy to moist ratio that is needed for the ultimate waffle experience.

Bon appetit!

The Best Creperie in Paris

So, since we will be leaving Paris tomorrow, we have made our choice for JUST GO EXPLORE’S award for THE BEST CREPERIE IN PARIS.  And the winner is….CHEZ SUZETTE in the Latin Quarter!

Chez Suzette serves a huge variety of sweet and savory crepes and has an adorable indoor restaurant or you can order your crepe to go.  I love the good old fashioned sugar crepe or the sugar and cinnamon one.  My kids prefer nutella crepes, but to me, the nutella covers up Chez Suzette’s secret ingredient…(read on to find out what it is!).  They also create the most interesting savory crepes (called galettes) made with a fried egg, ham, shredded cheese, and then topped with lettuce and a creamy dressing.  I will need to try that the next time I’m in Paris! Yum!

We loved watching the Crepe Chef create his sweet and savory masterpieces and that is where we discovered Chez Suzette’s secret ingredient that sets it apart from the rest…LOADS of melted butter – but not just any butter – sweet and slightly salted creamy French butter…the best there is and oh so good!  So, dieters, you’ve been warned… But who can worry about their weight in Paris? Right?!  It’s France after all… Go ahead and indulge!  You can thank me later!

Our Favorite Chocolate Shop in Paris

Paris is “chock” full of wonderful chocolate shops that make any chocoholic melt in delight.  After exploring the streets and following our noses into many of these heavenly shops, we have decided that our favorite is in the Latin Quarter called Maison Georges Larnicol.

Maison Georges Larnicol

What I loved most about this chocolate shop were the intricate chocolate sculptures which change according to the season, the caramel burre salé (the ultimate for caramel lovers!) pieces alone or crumbled within the creamy chocolates, the caramel burre salé croissant rolls (kouignettes) dripping with melted butter and caramel, and the colorful macarons – slightly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the center.  The location on a lively corner in the vibrant Latin Quarter also contributed to the overall experience – indulging in a creamy and delicious piece of chocolate while watching the spectacle of Paris’ animated street life before you. Pure Bliss!!!

Maison Georges Larnicol

Address: 132 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006
Nearest transport: Odéon (4, 10)
Hours: Every day, 9am-11pm
Telephone: 01 43 26 39 38


Ok, I must admit, I am addicted to Dutch pancakes!  I will not be winning any parent awards any time soon – these last few days I have fed my kids way too many pancakes. We had them for lunch twice (followed by a snack of French fries smothered in spicy peanut sauce) and for dinner tonight.  And these are not just normal American style pancakes with butter and syrup. No, these super rich treats are enormous, thicker than a crepe, and covered in chocolate sauce and bananas, or apple, cinnamon, and butter, or any other of the dozen varieties of sinful sweets.  The savory pancakes are also amazing – especially the bacon and cheese – gooey and delicious!

We are crazy about the small fluffy poffertjes smothered in butter and powdered sugar. They are a bit crispy on the outside and soft in the center and when combined with the melted butter and powdered sugar, these little pancake puffs create sweet perfection. One serving is about 12 – 15poffertjes, but I swear I could eat 3 servings in one sitting!

Here are some photos of our tasty treats!

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