Who is Just Go Explore?

Just Go Explore is a family travel blog founded in 2013 by Gina Ingram while living in Venice, Italy. Gina and her family have been living and traveling around the world for 20 years. In September 2013, they left their home in Venice and embarked on a full-time, indefinite family adventure around the world. With an education in business, marketing, and travel and having lived in 7 countries in Europe and North America as well as raising 3 kids abroad, Gina has a strong background in creating effective business strategies as well as international and cultural studies. Geared toward family adventure and education, Just Go Explore ranges from the educational benefits of traveling and worldschooling, to destination tips and historical observations, to moving abroad and foreign language immersion, and even to traveling the world safely and independently with a physical disability.
Just Go Explore is unique in that it targets both families who want to experience the life-changing and educational benefits of traveling with kids, but also those who want to know what it is truly like to live abroad and immerse their family into diverse cultures. An expert on Italy, Gina offers valuable advice to those who wish to travel or move to Italy, while also targeting an Italian speaking audience in Europe and abroad, encouraging them to travel the world.


Just Go Explore is open to various types of advertising, from sponsored posts to banner ads, product and service reviews to social media coverage. Please get in contact with Gina at for pricing and details.

How can we work together?

Just Go Explore is open to various advertising options that reflect the site’s core values. Directed toward curious new travelers and seasoned travel vets alike, we are committed to sharing the most up to date and helpful travel advice in the most engaging and entertaining way possible.

Working with travel bloggers is a creative way to offer and deliver fast promotion of a brand or destination and see immediate results through social media and blog articles.

Just Go Explore is open to invitations on press trips, product, services and destination reviews, and is always looking for new and mutually beneficial partnerships and campaigns to share with our readers.

To discuss possible partnership and sponsorship opportunities please contact Gina Ingram at

GINA INGRAM is a traveling mom and blog author. She has been in love with travel her entire life and wants to share her passion with her 3 kids and everyone she meets.  She has spent much of her life battling a rare bone disease and found travel dreaming to be a great escape. Twenty years ago, she moved to Spain and since then, has lived in 6 countries and traveled to 38 on 4 continents. After losing her left shoulder to bone cancer 6 years ago, she grew more determined than ever to embrace the gift of life, see the world with her kids, and share her story with others – inspiring them to overcome the obstacles in their lives and follow their dreams!

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