Finding the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a post my daughter wrote on her blog, Travelin’ Kait.

Travelin' Kait

This past year I have learned so much more about gratitude than I ever thought was possible.

After volunteering and meeting people who only had what they could carry on their backs, I realized how much I had and how I should be thankful for it. I have friends now that have lost family members, friends, and their homes and are now living on the street as refugees. I saw the joy they showed for just being alive and having their family members with them. Although they had lost almost everything they owned, they still showed gratitude and I have learned so much from them about what is truly important in life.

So this year Thanksgiving has a completely different meaning to me. I am going to try and focus on the true meaning of gratitude and I invite you to do the same. When we give thanks we show true…

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