43 Useful Items to Carry While Traveling

Here is an article I wrote for Dandelion Moms!


Hi Everyone!

Here is a list of items I have compiled after years of traveling mishaps and now always carry in my purse and highly recommend for all traveling moms (those with babies and toddlers will have many more items to add!):

  1. Bandaids
  2. Antibacterial Ointment – like Polysporin
  3. Antibacterial Wipes and/or gel
  4. Tissues
  5. Small Swiss Army Knife – so useful! Comes with a small blade, scissors, tweezers, nail file, tiny screwdriver, and toothpick (make sure to put into checked baggage on flights!)
  6. Tape – you can find a mini roll or regular size that will be very useful! I promise!
  7. Nail file – if don’t have a Swiss army knife
  8. Lip balm
  9. Travel sewing kit
  10. Bug Spray or cream (seasonal)
  11. After Bite bug/jellyfish cream (seasonal)
  12. Compeed Blister Strips
  13. Extra contact lenses
  14. Eye drops
  15. Safety pins, bobby pins, hair ties, rubber bands – these all have come in very handy over the years for fixing/holding together unexpected items when there is no store around!
  16. Small rope, string, or shoe laces
  17. Small attachable hook – to fasten to your purse/bag to hold loose house keys, luggage keys,etc.
  18. Medicines in tablet form (or chewables for kids) – Tylenol, Advil, Immodium AD, Gas X, Pepto Bismol
  19. Small notepad
  20. Pencil and pens
  21. Sunglasses
  22. Sunscreen – I carry a small stick balm for faces and mini suncream everywhere I go
  23. Lightweight cloth or plastic bag to carry extra items gathered or purchased throughout the day
  24. Strong plastic bag to carry for car rides, trains, buses – in case of motion sickness
  25. Bottle of water
  26. Snacks
  27. Camera
  28. Extra SD card
  29. Extra camera battery – charged
  30. Phone
  31. Phone SIM card in local country if staying awhile – can buy them easily and without a phone plan – just top them up as you go!
  32. Hotel/Apartment address and phone number – to give to taxi or to ask for directions
  33. Local guide/map
  34. Local emergency phone numbers – ambulance, fire, police, tourist police
  35. Health insurance/travel insurance cards or policy information
  36. “In Case of Emergency” contact name and phone number
  37. Embassy or consulate phone number in local city
  38. Business cards – to give to new friends along the way!
  39. CASH!! Have enough to get by for a few days just in case banks are closed, ATM’s don’t work, etc.
  40. ATM/Credit cards – 2 or more – just in case there is a problem with one or more
  41. Passport copies (I leave our passports at hotel/apartment)
  42. Driver’s license/ID card
  43. Kids’ entertainment – books, pens, paper, ipod, etc. depending on ages of kids

Swiss Army small pocket knife, Photo credit: Victorinox.com

After my mom’s purse was slashed open on the metro in Paris (losing her wallet!), I now use one that is slash-proof, waterproof, and identity-theft proof! It is reinforced with steel mesh, has zipper locks, and is lightweight and comfortable. It has a water bottle slot on the side and many other useful features. I highly recommend the Pacsafe bags and accessories for anyone traveling through areas where theft and pick-pocketing are an issue.


The Pacsafe purse I use. Photo credit: Pacsafe.com

These are just the items I carry with me everyday in my purse. There are also many more important ones that I never leave for a trip without – they just don’t all fit in my purse! That list will be coming soon!


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